Historical Significance in Cultural Landscapes

Without a comprehensive understanding of the building’s history and its architecture, a contractor will perform unstudied modifications that may compromise the integrity of a significant historic property.  Cultural landscape has as much of a historical significance as the buildings if not more. “A building without landscape is a building on dirt”. Imagine Balboa Park without its magnificent Continue Reading

What Tarzan, golfing and finesse have to do with home restoration

There's a "feel" that an experienced restorer brings to the home.  Some might even call it “Finesse”. It's the same finesse that separates a professional golfer from an amateur, developed through years of knowing what to look for and where to look, in addition to knowing which tools to use and how to use the tools. And most importantly, the restorer must have the ability to tap into the mind of Continue Reading

A little bit about my historic home

Something that many people don't automatically know about me is that I actually live in a historic home.  My love for the art runs so deep, that in 2005 I purchased my 4th historic home: an early-California, ranch-style home located in Escondido, California. Built in 1927 by Edwin King, a Hollywood silent film producer, my home was registered as the “King Ranch House”. Like previous historic Continue Reading

Construction competence

One of the good things that’s been surfacing in the midst of our current recession is that many of the incompetent builders and contractors have simply gone away. Many resumes arrive to our office each week. Recently we were in need of hiring rough carpenters for a new project in San Diego. Out of 386 resume reviewed for the position, only 3 seamed most qualified with great references and were Continue Reading

Hi and Welcome

Welcome to the new ZMK Construction website. Just as we bring that special touch to remodeling your home, we wanted to apply a unique sense to our web presence as well. You would be surprised at the similarities between websites and construction sites. Attention to detail matters. One of the new things we've done is create a blog so we can keep you updated on recent construction projects. We'll Continue Reading